The Good News: YES the IRS allows you to roll-over a portion of any IRA / 401K to buy a rental, as long as the property is not for personal use.

The Better News: Blue Chip Realty can help you sail through the process plus find you a lucrative property.

The Best News: You can double the return on the 401K/IRA funds shifted into rental property. 

Curious?  Click here to watch our video or here to learn about The PayOff...

No worries, Blue Chip Realty will assist you every step of the way. We provide all services to our buyers at no fee. Click here to see the full list.

What kind of rentals can you buy?  Here are 3 recent purchases facilitated by BCR (at no fee to buyers) that are on track to double the retirement funds of their investors while lowering their stock market risk.  Hover over photos to see the details.

Rancho Income = $49,500/yr

Rancho Drive: 4-2 . Sleeps 5.
Sold Feb 2018: $795K + $25K Fixes.
Rent = $4,125. Yearly = $49,500.
Price-to-Rent ratio = 16.5 --> Lucrative

--> A good example why to diversify 401K/IRA's to Real Estate

Dartmouth Income = $59,400/yr

Dartmouth Drive: 4-3. Sleeps 6.
Sold Mar 2018: $900K + $5K fixes.
Rent = $4,950. Year = $59.4K.
Price-to-Rent ratio = 15.2 --> Very Lucrative

--> A gREAT example why to diversify 401K/IRA's to Real Estate

Mill Street Income = $60,000/yr

Mill Street: 5-3. Sleeps 6.
Sold 2014: $613K + $120K fixes.
Rent=$5K. Yearly = $60K.
Price-to-Rent ratio = 12.2 --> Supremely Lucrative

--> A Superb example why to diversify 401K/IRA's to Real Estate

“My husband and I liked the idea of rolling-over a portion of our retirement savings out of stocks and into investment property because it lets us sleep better at night with all the stock market gyrations.  Yeah we know property values also go up and down, but in the long run, we've seen the California housing market average 5% to 7% yearly gains.  We also love seeing our home loan getting paid down to zero by the renters. 

BCR held our hand through the paperwork then helped us find the right property and tenants. Since we followed the Blue Chip Model, we believe we will be able to retire 5 years sooner than planned."

                           Elizabeth T.
                            Palo Alto, CA

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