Below are three recent purchases facilitated by Blue Chip Realty that enabled its customers to
lower their stock market risk while gaining leveraged appreciation in their 401K accounts.
Hover over the photos to see the financial details, including the "Sale Price to Annual Rent" ratio.  

Rancho Drive Income = $49,500/yr

     Rancho dr:  4-2 .  Sleeps 5.        Sold Feb 2018:  $795K + $25K  Fixes.       Rent = $4,125.   Yearly=$49,500.        Price-to-rent ratio =  16.5 --> Lucrative

     Rancho dr: 4-2 . Sleeps 5. 
     Sold Feb 2018: $795K + $25K Fixes. 
     Rent = $4,125.  Yearly=$49,500. 
     Price-to-rent ratio = 16.5 --> Lucrative

Dartmouth Income = $59,400/yr

      dartmouth: 4-3. Sleeps 6
      Sold mar  2018: $900K+ $5K fixes
      Rent=$4,950.   year=$59.4K
      Price-to-rent  ratio = 15.2 --> very Lucrative

Mill Street Income = $60,000/yr

      mill st: 5-3.  Sleeps 6.
Sold 2014: $613K + $120K fixes
      rent=$5K.  yearly=$60K
      Price-to-rent ratio=12.2 --> Crazy Lucrative.

“My husband and I liked the idea of moving a portion of our 401K savings out of stocks and into investment property because it lets us sleep better at night.  Yeah we know it's cyclical, but we've seen the California housing market consistently average 5% to 9% gains for decades.  We also love the idea of getting leverage in our retirement funds and seeing our home loan getting paid down to zero by the renters.  Blue Chip Realty held our hand through the paperwork then helped us find the right property and some great tenants."

                            Sherry and Bill T.
                            Palo Alto, CA

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