Here are the 10 services BCR provides at no cost to you to PURCHASE a property:

  1. BRAINSTORMING - Have an email or phone conversation with you to discuss "CHECKBOOK IRA" process to help hone your thoughts.

  2. BUDGETING - Given a target price point for a property, provide a detailed spreadsheet showing expected costs, rents and appreciation.

  3. FACILITATING - Discuss the candidates and process for selecting a custodian/facilitator to set up your self-directed IRA.

  4. BANKING - Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of various banks versus credit unions for your businesses.

  5. NAMING - Apply some thought to the pros and cons of different types of names for the LLC that you'll need to create.

  6. LENDING - Review candidates, interest rates, strengths and weaknesses of non-recourse lenders before you pick one.

  7. SEARCHING: Based on your criteria and the Blue Chip Model, BCR will scour the state's multiple listing services to find the most lucrative properties available.

  8. TOURING: Once a schedule of properties is set up , BCR will drive you or meet you at each location and inspect the property for intended use and value.

  9. OFFERING - Based on your feedback, BCR will recommend and draw up a clever offer, then negotiate the best possible deal for you to purchase an investment property.

  10. CLOSING - Working with you, the sellers and lender, BCR will help manage the entire escrow process with speed & finesse.

Note: BCR will receive a commission paid out of the seller's proceeds upon closing, usually 2.5% of sales price.

Here are the 12 services BCR provides to you to MANAGE your property (for a fee):

  1. PRICING - Research, discuss and suggest "top-of-market" rental fees.

  2. MARKETING - Craft and place enticing ads on popular digital sites that attract strong volumes of high-valued renters.

  3. TOURING - Set appointments with dozens of prospective renter groups and during their tours, communicate the strong interest in the property.

  4. INTERVIEWING - While giving tours, watch and recognize cohesiveness of each group along with interpersonal communication skills (this often portends how well their "team" will take care of your property).

  5. SELECTING - Report back to owner the strongest 3 candidates and suggest order of selecting top choice plus two back-up groups.

  6. VETTING - Report results to all touring groups, investigate top group's rent history along with feedback from employers & agencies.

  7. SIGNING - After getting buy-in from all sides, craft rental agreements & 5 legal addendums and get all signed and distributed.

  8. MANAGING - Handle all the aspects of getting old tenants out properly with a clean house and new tenants paid-up and settled in.

  9. MONITORING - Throughout the lease term, collect rent, keep property in working order, monitor and check-in regularly.

  10. ITEMIZING - Provide monthly income and expense statements to owner along with market updates of surrounding area.

  11. TAXING - At the end of each fiscal year, provide owner with year-end details of all income and expenses for potential UBTI taxes.

  12. RE-DOING - At end of lease, make the tenant exit as smooth as possible and start the process all over again for a new group of renters.

Note: The California Association of Realtors (CAR) has certified Blue Chip Realty as a professional property management company. Fees for property managers in California are negotiable and usually range between 8 and 10% of monthly rent. We charge 8% for our property management services. Even with this fee, owners can pay off their rental in under 15 years while never having to deal with the hassle of property management.